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Specialising in Assistant Manager to Managing Director level

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Christina Guille Recruitment is a leading provider of senior recruitment in Guernsey with exceptional customer service at the heart of the business. It was set up by Christina Guille in 2018 so that she could differentiate herself from the market and offer a bespoke service, taking the time to get to know each applicant to ensure they are placed in a company that will truly be the best fit for them.

CG Recruitment offers both permanent and contract solutions to a wide range of professions from Assistant Manager to Managing Director level.

As a chosen partner for a variety of different businesses, Christina’s extensive experience means that she has first-hand knowledge of the opportunities available in Guernsey, and she works hard to make sure she has her finger on the pulse when it comes to the job market in general.

About Christina

I have worked in the recruitment world for over 10 years and offer a personal and positive experience to job seeking. It’s all about getting to know you as a person and not just the career history that’s detailed on your CV. My role is to support you throughout the process, from the moment you first register to the moment you start a new job.

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Christina possesses excellent knowledge of financial services. As a recruiter, she was professional and approachable at all times and responded promptly to any questions I had. She understood my strengths and how they would fit into the role that I subsequently obtained.

She helped me throughout the process and went the extra mile. I would highly recommend Christina as a Recruiter to anyone pursuing a new role.  

Michelle, Financial Reporting Manager

Christina recently helped me to find a new role and I can’t praise her service highly enough. She listened and understood, making considered suggestions and taking the time to go through everything thoroughly. Christina kept me in the loop at all times and supported me throughout the process. Highly professional and delivered a great result. 

Alicia, Human Resources

Christina was fantastic throughout the recruitment process – from understanding my needs at our initial meeting, helping me refine my CV, identifying suitable roles and then providing support through the interview and offer process. I would highly recommend her services

Ben, Senior Accountant